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Charlie Chapin, Ph.D., Marketing

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A Brief History


I started the business in 1992 as way to pay for graduate school. At that time, I wrote brochures and other B2B communications such as annual reports and later web content. In 1993, San Joaquin County Public Health hired me to produce a multimedia campaign under Prop 99 to reduce tobacco use. The first television PSA that we produced for that campaign, titled “Dear Mom & Dad,” won a national award and the campaign was a great success, as measured by the saturation of radio, television and outdoor PSA’s throughout San Joaquin County. Continental Cablevision handled my video production back then and B93 produced our radio psa’s. (Coincidentally, California estimated a 27% overall reduction in tobacco use as a result of Prop 99, - we need more like that.) In 1996, I finished my Ph.D. in marketing, and the company rapidly evolved. By 1997 we purchased our own video equipment and handled all production in-house. In 2000, I was chosen by the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce as Small Business Operator of the Year.


Although we’re best known for our videos, over the last two decades we’ve done a variety of projects. These included marketing consulting, focus group research, political consulting, copywriting, and web content creation, along with video production. In 2002 I conducted a statewide qualitative marketing research project for BMD, California’s largest distributor of wholesale building materials. In 2003, I co-authored and published A History of the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department from 1850-2003. Deputy Sheriff John Basalto and California historian Dr. Harlan Hague, Ph.D., were my co-authors and Steve Nosse designed the layout and graphics for this book. In 2006 I wrote the winning nomination for Dr. Hazel Hill for the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce Athena Award.


In 2004, we produced our first elder abuse prevention documentary, titled Calling Home, which stars Elinor Donahue. It was re-mastered in 2006 and 2013, and currently enjoys four national awards. Between 2004 - 2005, we also produced over 100 legal settlement documentaries on behalf of the sexual abuse victims of Catholic priests. These videos were instrumental in telling their stories and ultimately their recovery of over $100 million in settlements from the church. In 2006, we turned our attention to the worldwide methamphetamine epidemic, and the five-time national award winning educational documentary Choose Life or Choose Meth was the result.


In 2008, we produced a broadcast documentary with the late Karen Mason on behalf of the Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children aimed at persuading legislators to adopt uniform laws to protect children in care facilities. In 2009, and again in 2010, we produced two very compelling domestic violence prevention videos in conjunction with Suzanne Schultz of the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s office. Since 2010, we’ve been working on Who Am I?, an educational video aimed at reducing the spread of gangs, bullying, gun violence, drug and alcohol abuse. As of 2013, we’re finally in production on this very ambitious project.


These are just some of the highlights from the last 22 years. I attribute much of our success to Steve Nosse, my graphic designer, project consultant, and video editor who’s been with me since 1992, Nao Nakazawa, a producer and editor from the 2002-2004 period, my youngest son Charlie III, who’s been producing and editing videos with me since 2005, Jennifer Buker, (AKA Jennifer Chapin) writer, researcher and daughter without peer, Jamie Campana – Executive Producer and Editor from Film Camp Films, along with Carrie Madsen, Melissa Esau, Rachel Songer, Gro Bondevik, Jim Oliver, and Claire Scarisbrick who’ve hosted many of our productions, and too many others who made important contributions to name. To date, our educational videos and documentaries have earned something like 69 national awards and can be found in every state of this wonderful country of ours and throughout Canada and Australia.


But our success isn’t just measured there. Rather, it resides in the families we’ve helped make whole, the lives we’ve saved by preventing domestic violence, elder abuse, tobacco use or drug addiction, the young adults who set goals, found careers and defined their purpose in life, and the organizations who acquired new customers or built better relationships with existing ones through the marketing communications we’ve created on their behalf. Many of our educational videos teach that to be happy with your career you should follow your passion in life. I can unequivocally state that I’ve done that and it is true.

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Moonshadow Productions


Charlie Chapin, Ph.D in Marketing

Executive Producer

PHONE: 208-639-0943

EMAIL: Charlie@moonshadow.biz





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