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Corporate Videos educate your customers and employees as to the depth and breadth of your products and services. These films say more about your company than you could ever say yourself. Corporate productions firmly establish your company identity by defining who you are, what you stand for and what your customers and employees can expect from you.


  • They enhance marketing by aligning customer experiences more closely with their expectations and the service they actually receive. This in turn reinforces word-of-mouth advertising.

  • They also shorten training time for new employees by establishing a corporate culture that is uniform throughout your organization. Many organizations also use these as recruiting videos by helping prospective new-hires to understand what is expected and who they must become to be successful in your company. You get a better employee, your employee gets the employer he or she expects and your customer gets consistent products and service.

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South San Joquin

Irrigation District Mandate



To whom it may concern:


This letter is to introduce Dr. Charlie Chapin, Executive Producer, Moonshadow Productions & Research. Dr. Chapin has been a consultant to this company since 2002. In that capacity he has designed and moderated focus group research that was critical to our reinventing the company while charting a new direction. He has produced corporate marketing videos for use in a highly sophisticated, extremely competitive environment. These videos were persuasive, well organized and ultimately led to new clients. While the production costs were far surpassed by the profits we derived from them, I also note that two of the videos actually won national awards for their production quality as marketing presentations.


Additionally, we use these resources to help new and existing employees understand who we are and what is expected of everyone who works here. As a result of these combined efforts, over the last four years we have emerged as a better, more collaborative organization whose eyes remain focused on the quality of our relationships with our customers.


Professionally I regard Charlie Chapin as an extremely reliable consultant whose advice on marketing is consistently on the mark. He is affable, and personally I regard him as a trusted friend. In sum I join the senior management of J & L Teamworks in highly recommending his services.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Mike LaMont, our Vice-president or myself.




Don Johnsen, President

J & L Teamworks

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Moonshadow Productions


Charlie Chapin, Ph.D in Marketing

Executive Producer

PHONE: 208-639-0943






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