Documentary Production

"Calling Home" Docudrama



Documentaries are non-fiction films that illustrate valuable lessons for all of us from history or the real life experiences of others. The production does this by blending dramatizations, archival footage, and photos with interviews from experts or other knowledgeable persons who can authenticate the message that the film is calculated to present.


These productions usually take several months to complete and are most effective when produced for targeted audiences. We often use a host with a dramatic background in these films to emphasize salient points that educate, motivate and inspire viewers while aiding in retention of the production's most important teachings.

Example Videos

"Investing in Idaho's Future"


"Investing in Idaho's Future"

Stimulating Enviroment

"Choose Life or Choose Meth"


"Choose Life or Choose Meth"




To whom it may concern:


This letter is to introduce Dr. Charlie Chapin, Executive Producer, Moonshadow Productions & Research. Dr. Chapin has been a consultant to this department since the mid-1990's. In that capacity he has produced a number of public outreach broadcast documentaries aimed at informing the citizens of San Joaquin County of the various services and programs we provide. The topics include Jail Industries, Community Corps, meth labs, and elder abuse, among others.


He has produced training videos for patrol along with a comprehensive recruiting video that we have used successfully at job fairs. In 2003 he coauthored and published a history hook titled "Courage, Change & Vision: Chronicles of the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department from 1848 -2003."


Additionally, we are successfully using a series of videos he produced titled, "Success in the Workplace" in our Jail Workforce Education programs, and currently partnering with other departments on a new meth prevention movie aimed at high school students.


While many of the videos won national awards for their production quality, the net result of these public communications has consistently been to improve the relationship between the citizens of this county, our Board of Supervisors and the Sheriff’s Department. Our senior management team, deputies, correctional officers and non-sworn employees enjoy working with Dr. Chapin and take a great deal of pride in seeing their efforts explained in a meaningful way.


Professionally, I regard him as a valued asset whose advice on public marketing is consistently reliable. Personally, I regard him as a trusted friend. He delivers on time, in budget, and always exceeds our expectations. In sum, I join many other department heads in this county in highly recommending Dr. Charlie Chapin and Moonshadow Productions.Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 209-468-4310.





County of San Joaquin