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Educational Videos teach the power of partnership and the value of collaboration to teachers, students, parents and the communities that support them. They illuminate career pathways for students while they demonstrate how to access services, choose goals or decide on a major.


"Studies assessing the effectiveness of educational videos as a tool for changing behavior have consistently shown positive results...." Read "The Case for Videos" (PDF)


Our educational films can also excite viewers by showing real-time activities that dramatize productive experiences which inspire learning and are key to academic and extra-curriculur success. Most important to the process, our educational videos can level the playing field by helping students define their own characters during a critical time in their lives when not all students face the same challenges with the same skill sets.

Example Videos

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What To Look For In A Provider

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To whom it may concern:


This letter is to introduce Dr. Charlie Chapin, Executive Producer, Moonshadow Productions & Research. Dr. Chapin has been a producer and consultant to this organization since the mid-1990's. In that capacity he has produced a number of educational videos which help students focus on careers. To that end we have produced a series of six educational videos titled "Success in the Workplace." In addition to targeting high school students, the videos have been successfully used by CalWorks, EDD the Sheriff's Jail Workforce Education programs, among many others. Additionally, we have recently completed a 94-minute DVD which discusses several of our career pathways and the student services here at Delta College that support a healthy education. These videos were re-mastered into 27 minute broadcast versions which were released to Cable TV.


These resources are of very high quality, entertaining and promise to bring new students into Delta College while also developing a better relationship with existing students. Many of the videos won national awards for their production quality. The net result of these public communications has consistently been to improve the relationship between our instructors, students and our community.


Our teachers enjoy working with Dr. Chapin and take a great deal of pride in seeing their efforts explained in a meaningful way. Professionally I regard him as a valued asset whose advice on public marketing is consistently reliable and personally I regard him as a trusted friend. He delivers on time, in budget, and always exceeds our expectations. In sum I join many other school districts in this community in highly recommending Dr. Charlie Chapin and Moonshadow Productions.




Hazel Hill, Ed.D.

Dean of Workforce & Economic Development

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