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A Legal Settlement Documentary looks something like the integration of an A & E Biography & Court TV. As your producers, we'll probably suggest that Plaintiff's counsel host this documentary which is produced exclusively for ADR, mediation or pre-trial negotiations. And unlike a settlement brochure, wrongful death brochures, or videos that focus solely on damages, this is a full-length broadcast quality movie that also provides a framework within which legal arguments are developed.


Liability: In negligence actions in which liability is contested, the facts that establish breach of duty to the plaintiff, proximate cause and damage, along with a pre-view of the evidence that proves the case are presented. Relevant statutes are applied to the facts. Animations can be used to re-create the scene of an incident to demonstrate the actual dynamics of the event. Video taped segments from depositions can be invaluable tools for organizing and condensing hours of witness testimony into a coherent summary.


Damage: The harm your client has sustained is told through videotaped interviews with them and supported with interviews of key witnesses such as treating or consulting physicians, neuropsychologists, clinical psychologists, and vocational rehab specialists, among others. Your producer will probably suggest that you include medical reports, economic analysis, official documents, X Rays, CT Scans, and photographs, along with other similar graphic depictions are used to generate an authentic, in-depth understanding of the harm the plaintiff has suffered.


Goal: The goal is to present a well-organized communications vehicle that assigns liability, illuminates damages, leverages emotions and advances negotiations. A Settlement Documentary should clearly demonstrate that you're ready to go trial and it's in the other side's best interest to settle the case before it gets there.


Feedback: The 1st or 2nd Draft is often submitted to a mini-focus group or panel of designated attorneys for valuable feedback. This step is an important investment toward developing the value of your case while preparing for litigation.

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