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We have a well-earned reputation as one of California's leading producers of legal settlement video documentaries for a variety of very good reasons. We have academic credentials in marketing, graphic design and liberal studies. As consultants, we bring experience in telling simple, but hard-hitting stories from a complex set of events. Having produced over 100 legal settlement presentations for ADR and spending over 20 years producing corporate, educational and broadcast quality documentaries, we know how to help viewers understand and retain key concepts. We come with recognition and have won 69 national awards and top honors at six film festivals. But most important, we bring results: Our clients have recovered over $100 Million in personal injury litigation. And while our videos have enabled some very savvy attorneys to shorten negotiations and enhance the value of their cases in mediation, those attorneys have mentored us in what to say and how to get those results. And we have paid attention. Clearly, we've learned how to tell a compelling story and we bring results.

Legal Services

Legal Settlement Documentaries


A Legal Settlement Documentary looks something like the integration of an A & E Biography & Court TV. As your producers, we'll probably suggest that Plaintiff's counsel host this documentary which is produced exclusively for ADR, mediation or pre-trial negotiations. And unlike a settlement brochure, wrongful death brochures, or videos that focus solely on damages, this is a full-length broadcast quality movie that also provides a framework within which legal arguments are developed.

Day-In-The-Life Documentaries


Day-In-the-Life Documentaries (also known by many producers as "Activities of Daily Living") enable a client's injury to speak for itself. In fact, these videos are often the best way to present compelling evidence to a mediator, arbitrator, defendant, insurance company and/or a jury about how your client's future has been impacted by the harm that gave rise to the litigation. Your producer can usually depict the extent of most injuries and the attendant pain and suffering, by capturing key activities that show how your client's life has been altered in carrying out even the simplest of tasks.

Wrongful Death Settlement Brochures

Wrongful Death Settlement Brochures (Mini-documentaries) focus on the impact a wrongful death has had on the plaintiffs' lives. Their stories are told with video interviews of them and accompanied with an introduction that includes photographs of their lives with the deceased (prior to his/her death). The plaintiffs should provide family photo albums to your producer which are used to chronicle the good times in the first half of the presentation.

Hybrid Documentaries


A Hybrid Settlement Documentary is best suited to cases in which recovery is artificially restricted by factors such as low policy limits or statute (e.g. med-mal). This mini-settlement documentary organizes the case’s most compelling facts or video clips into a condensed presentation that lasts from 5 to 15 minutes. The resources are strategically selected for maximum impact.

Video Recording Depositions


The video recording of a deposition captures both the testimony and demeanor of the witness. The video may later be used in alternative dispute resolution, discovery, pretrial motion practice, and at trial. It can also be synchronized with the deposition transcript for purposes of either impeaching the witness’s trial testimony or replacing the trial appearance of treating physicians or other experts. *Restrictions apply and they are discussed in detail.

Deposition Documentaries


A Deposition Documentary begins with video taping each key witness who is deposed. Deposition Documentaries can be dispositive! These are short movies that refine volumes of testimony into a concise presentation that gets to the point, as told by the witnesses who might potentially be testifying in trial.The credibility of a key witness or defendant can be effectively asserted or destroyed with his or her own testimony.

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