Careers Have No Gender, Success Has No Limits

Careers Have No Gender, Success Has No Limits

“Careers Have No Gender, Success Has No Limits” is a fun and interesting docudrama produced to empower students to remove barriers such as myths and stereotypes about gender when looking for a career. Sometimes real life challenges such as discrimination and harassment, extreme weather conditions, isolation, non-support of family and friends, and hazardous conditions are present and these challenges do not mean that people shouldn’t pursue the careers they want. This video helps viewers realize that women and men do not differ in their abilities to learn science, mathematics and mechanics. Furthermore equipment generally used for heavy lifting can be operated with equal efficacy by either sex. It also teaches while men are generally assumed to be stronger than women, with training most women can develop the upper body strength for most non-traditional jobs. In sum, choosing a career should have little or nothing to do with someone’s gender and everything to do with someone’s passion! This video features several real life examples of community college career pathways that lead to industries in which either gender can be equally successful. A Test & Review is embedded as a Bonus Feature in the DVD and a complimentary teacher’s guide is available here.
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    TITLE: “Careers Have No Gender, Success has No Limits”
    FORMAT: DVD-Fully Compatible
    CATEGORY: Education - Personal Development, Vocational & College Prep
    GENRE: Docudrama, Education-Personal Development, Career Orientation, Job Skills
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    TARGET AUDIENCE: Middle & High School, Continuation Schools, Halfway Houses, After School Programs, Ages 13-18
    PRODUCER: Charlie Chapin, Ph.D.
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