Choose Life or Choose Meth

Choose Life or Choose Meth

Described as “the best educational video ever produced on the meth problem,” this five-time national award-winning documentary employs the same strategy that California used to reduce tobacco use by 27% under Prop 99. It contrasts over four-dozen positive health education messages against the harm that methamphetamine causes. Many people who try meth feel they can work a double shift, stay up studying or party all night. In reality meth is a poison that is also extremely addicting. It typically destroys the personality and vital organs including the brain, heart, liver and skin, among others. Users often become addicts within a week and start down a long, tragic road that is fraught with crime, mental illness, broken families, job loss, STD’s and horrific physical suffering. We have many choices to make in life. By the end of this movie viewers know why they can “Choose Life…or Choose Meth."
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    TITLE: “Choose Life or Choose Meth” Educational Documentary
    FORMAT: DVD-Fully Compatible
    CATEGORY: Education
    GENRE: Documentary - Health Education, Drug Prevention & Recovery
    UPC #: 724101200793
    PRODUCER: Charlie Chapin, Ph.D.
    TARGET AUDIENCE: Middle & High School Thru Adult Not rated, but contains graphic language, photos and descriptions of crime
    PRODUCER: Charlie Chapin, Ph.D.
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