Good Beginnings Never End

Good Beginnings Never End

All children deserve loving, caring, and trained caregivers who know what’s best for them. This video features several leading national experts in the field and will help all caregivers, whether they be parents, grandparents, childcare professionals, or pre-school teachers to have a better understanding of what children truly need in their early years to foster healthy brain development, become well developed socially and physically and to be ready to start school. All children need: 1) healthy and safe environment with good nutrition; 2) Access to basic medical care; 3) Environmental policies that reduce the level of known neurotoxins that damage developing brains; 4) The benefits of breastfeeding when possible, and/or holding during feedings, and later- positive interaction and communication during mealtimes; 5) A caregiver with good parenting skills; 6) regular bed time; 7) conflict negotiation; 8) stimulating environment, 9) very limited television, 10) exposure to the community, 11) language rich environment, 12) age appropriate toys and curricula and 13) stimulating materials. A stable, consistent relationship with a caregiver and a “serve and return” nature of communication. Winner of three national awards.

Produced and directed by Charlie Chapin, Ph.D., winner of 68 National Awards for Documentaries and Educational Videos.
Produced and Edited by national award winner Charlie Chapin, III.
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    TITLE: "Good Beginnings Never End”
    FORMAT: DVD-Fully Compatible
    GENRE: Educational Documentary
    UPC #: 724101245992
    TARGET AUDIENCE: Child Care Facilities, Early Childhood Education, Family Resource & Referral, WIC Programs, Child Protective Services, New Parents
    PRODUCER/DIRECTOR: Charlie Chapin, Ph.D.
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