Mastering Skills That Transfer

Mastering Skills That Transfer

Competition and downsizing sometimes forces employers to cross-train employees who are really committed to the company and lay-off those who are not. The purpose of this DVD is to provide information regarding the importance of mastering skills that transfer when changing careers. Mastering fundamental skills such as reading, writing, arithmetic, public speaking and active listening enable smooth career change. Beyond that, viewers are taught to see themselves as thinkers, who reason logically, think creatively, solve problems, and think positively so they can learn new tasks and offer value to employers. This video helps viewers realize that they should always see themselves as lifelong learners and role models for other people.
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    TITLE: “Mastering Skills That Transfer”
    FORMAT: DVD-Fully Compatible
    CATEGORY: EDUCATION - Personal Development, Vocational & College Prep
    GENRE: Education-Personal Development, Career Orientation, Job Skills
    UPC #: 724101602825
    TARGET AUDIENCE: Middle & High School, Continuation Schools, Halfway Houses, After School Programs, Vocational Educational Programs Ages 13-19
    PRODUCER/DIRECTOR: Charlie Chapin, Ph.D.
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