Recognizing & Escaping Teen Dating Violence

Recognizing & Escaping Teen Dating Violence

A passionately committed veteran team leader of a district attorney’s family crimes division hosts this compelling story. Actual cases are included to authenticate the message. Abuse begins with degrading language and controlling behavior that deprives the victim of dignity and self-respect. This often leads to physical abuse and sometimes murder. Teen dating violence is both cause and effect for deeper cycles of domestic violence that began at an early age. The video offers several ways to successfully break the cycle of teen dating violence by ending the relationships, having an escape plan and changing the predictable outcomes. It strongly suggests breaking up when the abusive language and controlling behavior begins.
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    Target Audience: Middle & High School, Continuation Schools, After School Programs,
    Halfway Houses, Domestic Violence Recovery
    Not rated, but contains violent crime scene and victim photos and an actual 911 call that
    may be disturbing to younger audiences.
    Catalog Number: MP2009RETVEDU
    PRODUCER/DIRECTOR: Charlie Chapin, Ph.D.
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