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Legal Video Productions


Ahead of the Rest in Legal Settlement Documentary Production.

We have a well-earned reputation as one of California's leading producers of legal settlement video documentaries for a variety of very good reasons. We have academic credentials in marketing, graphic design and liberal studies. As consultants, we bring experience in telling simple, but hard-hitting stories from a complex set of events. Having produced over 100 legal settlement presentations for ADR and spending over 20 years producing corporate, educational and broadcast quality documentaries, we know how to help viewers understand andretain key concepts. We come with recognition and have won 69 national awards and top honors at six film festivals. But most important, we bring results: Our clients have recovered over $100 Million in personal injury litigation. And while our videos have enabled some very savvy attorneys to shorten negotiations and enhance the value of their cases in mediation, those attorneys have mentored us in what to say and how to get those results. And we have paid attention. Clearly, we've learned how to tell a compelling story and we bring results.

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Corporate Video Productions


Educate Your Customers & Employees Through Video.

Corporate Videos educate your customers and employees as to the depth and breadth of your products and services. These films say more about your company than you could ever say yourself.Corporate productions firmly establish your company identity by defining who you are, what you stand for and what your customers and employees can expect from you.



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Educational Video Productions


Teach the Power of Partnership & the Value of Collaboration.

Educational Videos teach the power of partnership and the value of collaboration to teachers, students, parents and the communities that support them. They illuminate career pathways for students while they demonstrate how to access services, choose goals or decide on a major.


"Studies assessing the effectiveness of educational videos as a tool for changing behavior have consistently shown positive results...." Read "The Case for Videos" (PDF)


Our educational films can also excite viewers by showing real-time activities that dramatize productive experiences which inspire learning and are key to academic and extra-curriculur success. Most important to the process, our educational videos can level the playing field by helping students define their own characters during a critical time in their lives when not all students face the same challenges with the same skill sets.



"Choose Life or Choose Meth" Recovery



Non-fiction films that illustrate valuable lessons for all of us.

Documentaries are non-fiction films that illustrate valuable lessons for all of us from history or the real life experiences of others. The production does this by blending dramatizations, archival footage, and photos with interviews from experts or other knowledgeable persons who can authenticate the message that the film is calculated to present.


These productions usually take several months to complete and are most effective when produced for targeted audiences. We often use a host with a dramatic background in these films to emphasize salient points that educate, motivate and inspire viewers while aiding in retention of the production's most important teachings.



Video Biographies


A celebration of life for those who give our stories verb, context and meaning.

The greatest measure of success in life is not found in our possessions, but rather in our relationships with others - and specifically in the quality of those relationships. Our achievements, our losses, and our loves make up the tapestry of our lives. Video biographies weave the meaning of those relationships and events into the ultimate gift of recognition. They are a celebration of life for those who give our stories verb, context and meaning.


Video Biographies tastefully combine interviews, narratives, photos, memorabilia, and music to create a video appropriate for any occasion.