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"You Can't Get a 2nd Chance to Make a First Impression"


A Thrilled Teacher




              Dear Sirs,


                           I teach special education in a middle school in southern CA.   Our students have a 6 week Workability                         session with a wonderful teacher, Kelley Krout.  She shared your video entitled “You Can’t Get a 2nd Chance to                     Make a First Impression.” WOW!!

                           I am teaching a 7th gr. and an 8th grade Academic Support class.  Two to three days a week I’m working                   to incorporate “life skills,” appropriate social behavior in the work place, and the impact of making positive                             impressions on people, both in social and formal workplaces, being prepared for interviews, completing forms,                   etc. Your movie was such a great tool for our kids!!! They even commented about how, “You haven’t been lying                   to us Mrs. V.  You weren’t making this stuff up!”

                           Again, thank you for sharing such important information in such a teen friendly format to help our                               students!




             Karolyn Vergiels

              RSP Teacher

              Raney Intermediate

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