Video Recording Deposition

The video recording of a deposition captures both the testimony and demeanor of the witness.  The video may later be used in alternative dispute resolution, discovery, pretrial motion practice, and at trial. It can also be synchronized with the deposition transcript for purposes of either impeaching the witness’s trial testimony or replacing the trial appearance of treating physicians or other experts.  *Restrictions apply and they are discussed in detail.


All of our video deposition recordings are mastered to DVD video and simultaneously backed up on either MiniDV Tape or Memory Cards. Local depositions require a 2-hour minimum billing @ $80 per hour and depositions out of San Joaquin County require a 3-hour minimum @ $85 per hour.  Oakland, East Bay & San Francisco Bay area hourly prices are likely to be slightly higher.  Video deposition copies are supplied to any requesting party at $35 per hour on DVD.  We typically charge ½ hour to set up and ¼ hour to tear down if the deposition goes beyond the minimum and we do not charge for lunch breaks up to 1 hr. Other standby time is charged at the normal hourly rate. Prices may vary under certain conditions such as evenings and weekends. Last minute cancellations may be subject to the applicable minimum charge if we’ve arrived for the deposition.

Travel, overnight, and other direct costs are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.


Charlie Chapin, Ph.D., CSCV-Certified Senior Court Videographer, handles most of Moonshadow’s video deposition recordings. This is a professional designation given by the American Guild of Court Videographers to members who have maintained certification and membership for ten years or more.  We do however, network with other professional legal videographers when the workload demands additional help.


*With this new and effective method of advocacy, it is important to realize the legal  implications of video in alternative dispute resolution, discovery, pretrial motion practice, and at trial. The article linked below provides an overview of the different types of video uses and the potential legal implications of each.


Facts Laws & Video Tape (PDF)

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